Product diagram. Ultimate-R has the flexibility to accomodate round and rectangular ductwork of varying sizes. It can also be adapted for attic joists or truss systems. It is collapsable for easy transportation in retrofit applications.

Assembly diagram. Each compartment simply slides and locks into another and is stapled to the attic floor as you go, making for quick installation and a continuous channel for loose fill insulation.

Typical home installation before and after Ultimate-R. Leaky and underinsulated duct systems lose 20% and often much more of the heating or cooling energy put out by the HVAC unit.


Ultimate-R is an insulation containment structure designed to fit around HVAC ductwork.
The system consists of a series of moisture-resistant, light-weight cardboard compartments.
Compartments are panels that are notched and interlock to form a continuous channel, which is filled with blown insulation. The compartments do not disturb the ducts.
Compartments allow insulation to be packed around the top and sides of the ducts for uniform thickness and maximized thermal insulation.
Provides between 5-8 inches of insulation, depending on the duct’s size, which translates to values of R18-38, substantially better than the R-4.35 found on most attic duct systems.
Compartments are collapsible and sectionalized, for easy transportation into all accessible attics.
Ultimate-R is easy to install for novices or professionals alike, and can accommodate a wide range of duct shapes and sizes.


Ultimate-R is easy to install. Special tools or equipment are not necessary. Certified installers are available; training on how to install Ultimate-R is available to professionals looking to add Ultimate-R to their services.

Inspect attic ductwork for damage and leakage.
Seal with mastic or replace ducts as necessary.
Install Ultimate-R.
Insulate over and around ductwork with blown loose fill insulation.

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